Saturday, November 1, 2008


Jeremiah 51:20 Thou art my battle Axe and weapon of war: For with thee will I break in pieces, the nations and with thee will I destroy kingdom! There are two consecutive word or key point that we need to exanimate or lay emphasis or view in this topic which are: BATTLE AXE According to learned Dictionary. A. Axe is defined as: a tool with a heavy mental blade used to cut tree or split pieces of wood. B. Battle: Battle can be between armies & opponent. Between opponents is a situation in which Opposing group or people compete or argue with each other when trying to achieve success or control. In the Spiritual aspect of battle axe is that it is more tough or Powerful or mighty than piece of wood but is the battle that is engage between God and devil, man / his enemy but what can a man or individual do to overcome such Spiritual and physical battle is to Arise, be at alert to use your battle axe in other to piece every strong hold and principalities in high places. Introduction: A battle Axe is the axe that is useful in the hand of the user or it can be anybody else but the most important or the essence of this topic is the battle axe given by God, that is useful in the hand of his or her chosen vessel i.e. vessel unto honor. Battle Axe is use to destroy, scattered, pull down and to make the impossible things possible, irreversible things reversible. Axe is a mighty instrument or tool use for piercing some difficult things, e.g. Stone, wood but in spiritual realm is more complicated than stone / wood because we battle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and power in high place so be conscious to use your battle axe wisely. Individual or collectively should realize that each person represent a battle axe in his generation, family, society and particularly any where you find yourself note: Arise to take and use your battle axe. What bring about the uses of Battle Axe?1. War. Isaiah 41:12 Exodus 15:3.2. Comparism. Daniel 3: 17-18 (Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego) 3. Rebellion / Conspiracy. Act 23: 12-13. Paul and enemy).4. Differentiate / Proving. Gen. 41:38, Daniel 1: 8&20.5. Outstanding. 1 Samuel 17: 45-47. (Goliath / David)6. Challenge. 1 King 18:21-24. (Baal / Elijah)How can battle Axe be useful? 1. Prayer / Supplication. Eph. 6: 18, Dan. 9: 3, Psalm 109: 4.2. Self discover. 1Cor. 4: 9-10.3. Faith. Heb. 12: 2, Mark 11: 22 Act: 6:5.4: Receive the fire of God. Isaiah 42: 2, Jer. 20: 9, Exo. 3: 2, Heb. 1: 7. 5. Word of God. Deut. 8: 3, Heb. 4: 12.6. Through Holy Spirit / Power. Those who can use the battle axe.1. Faithful. Pro. 13: 17, Matt. 24: 452. Righteous. Pro. 28: 13. Fervent. 1 King 17: 204. Boldly. Heb. 4: 16, John 7: 265. Undefiled. Psalm 119: 16. Soldier of Christ.7. Violent. Matt. 11: 12.8. Fearless. Psalm 27: 1Benefit1. Fulfilling of one purpose and desire. Pro. 10: 24.2. It glorify God’s name. Gal 1: 24.3. It turn enemy to Pray / Victim. 1 Samuel 17: 49.4. Over comer Rev. 2: 26.5. Conquer Rom. 8: 36.Example of Battle Axe.1. Jawbone Judge 15: 16.2. Boldness Joshua 11:6 Act. 4: 29-30.3. Thunder / Lighting4. Obedient Isaiah 1: 19, Deut. 28: 15. Praise / Worship Act 16: 25-26, 2 Chro. 20: 18.6. Fasting and Prayer Esther 4: 16.7. Fire 1 King 18: 38.

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