Saturday, November 1, 2008


Firstly, I thank God for the development we have in the Ministry, I pray God will uphold you till His coming.
THE PERSON OF THE HOLY SPIRITJohn 14: 16-17 the Holy Spirit has all the characteristic of a person. He Teaches John 14: 26. He hears and speaks John 16: 13. He encourages Act 9: 31. He counsels John 14: 16. He prays for us Rom. 8: 27.
SYMBOLS AND NAMES OF THE HOLY SPIRITRom. 8: 2, 9, 15 the Holy Spirit is given several names and symbols in the scriptures the symbols are water John 3: 5, fire Matt. 3: 11, d John 3: 8, oil Psalm 45: 7, Rain and dew ps. 72: 6, Dove Matt. 3: 16, Voice Isa. 6: 8, A seal Rev. 7: 2 etc. The names are:- The Spirit of glory 1Pet. 4: 14, Spirit of Grace Heb. 10: 1- 29, Spirit of life Rom. 8: 2, Spirit of truth John 14: 17, Spirit of Jehovah Isa. 61: 1, The comforter John 14: 26 etc.
BEING FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRITHis filling is a gift for all Christian, Old Testament promised Joel 2: 28-29. New Testament fulfillment Act 2: 17-18, New Testament promised to us Act 2: 28 Rom 8: 9.
FIRST STEP TO SPIRITUAL FILLEDYou need to do a number of things in order to be spirit filled you need to be born again the person who is going be filled with the Spirit must belong to Jesus Christ. Rom. 8: 9. Second thing you have to do is ask: The Bible says if we ask for the Holy Spirit, that prayer will be answered Lk. 11: 8. The third thing you have to do is surrender. Paul apostle says present your bodies as a living sacrifice Rom. 12: 1. Fourth you must be willing to obey the Spirit: God does not give this power to someone and then say, you can take the part you like and leave the part you do not like, if you want to be Spiritual filled, you need to be prepared to obey the Spirit Act 5: 32. Fifth you need to believe. Gal. 3: 2.
THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT1. It is needed Lk. 24: 49 "tarry until ye be endued with power", it is useless to proceed in our Christian lives without the power of the Holy Spirit.2. It is promised Act. 1: 8 ye shall receive power 11 Tim. 1: 73. It is life giving, the Spirit gives an abundance of life 11 Cor. 3: 64. It is sufficient 1 Cor. 3-4.5. It cannot be purchased Act 8: 18 Simon magus tried it and was soundly rebuked.6. It can not be imitated. Don't try it, fleshy effort must be rejected by the Lord.7. It can be lost. Judge 16: 20 Samson lost his own, the Christian that loses Spiritual power is like salt without flavor, fit only to be cast out. Matt. 5: 13.
THE CHRISTIAN LIFE IS LIVED IN THE SPIRIT1. We worship God in the Spirit John 4: 24 Phil. 3: 32. We understand things through the Spirit Rev. 4: 1-2 3. Being "in the Spirit" it proof that the Spirit is in us Rom. 8: 9.4. Christians live "in the Spirit" Gal. 5: 25 our lives are so closely joined.5. Christian "walks" “the Spirit" the Spirit guides the way that we take Gal. 5: 25.6. Christians service is rendered “in the Spirit" Act 6: 3 1 Cor. 2: 4.7. We pray "in the Spirit" eph. 6: 18. He guides us in this great exercise.
THE GIFT AND FRUITS OF THOLY SPIRIT1 Cor. 12: 8- 10, 28. Gal. 5: 22 gift that is available to minister to the needs of the body and the witness.
PERSON FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT IN NEW TESTAMENTJohn the Baptist Luke 1: 15, Elizabeth Luke 1: 47, the Disciples on Pentecost Act 2: 4, the early Christians at prayer Act 4: 31, Paul and Silas Act 16: 25 Act 13: 9.
RESULT OF BEING SPIRIT FILLEDPower to witness is one mighty manifestation of a Spirit filled saint Act 1: 8. Power to live victorious Christian life Act 20:22- 24. Glory will certainly accrue (belong) to the Lord John 16: 14.God Bless you as you read this passage. Remain Blessed.

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