Saturday, November 1, 2008


To the glory of God almighty let us look into another message today which titled Christian behaviors.
Christian is the people call out of the world they are the type of people called Christian, Heb. 6: 9, in the world today there many believers with many or difference behavior.
One problem with the Christianity today is that we have too many average Christians, what Church needs is not a lot of new members, but the old members made new.
If every professing Christian in the Nigeria were a successful Christian in the Biblical sense we would make a mighty Spiritual impact on this Country.
Now I want to share with you seven steps to successful Christian living or things that accompany Salvation.
CONFESS CHRIST PUBLICILY: - There must be an open public confession of Christ Romans 10: 10 for with the heart man believe unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto Salvation. Matthew 10: 32-33. Every person who has trusted Jesus Christ has his / her Lord and Saviour should go forward in a Church Service and make his public confession of faith.
BE A GOOD CHURCH MEMBERSHIP / BE A MEMBERSHIP OF A WISE CHURCH. Second is to be a Church membership in other to relate with others Christians, now to be a member of one Church it does not mean that you are a Christian but Church membership accompany Salvation Heb. 10: 25, Acts 2: 41. Note the order that God gives here believe, be baptized, belong. After our conversion we have right to expect the Holy Spirit to lead us into good Church.
It should be a Church that believes in virgin birth, the blood atonement, physical resurrection of Jesus, the ascension and second coming of Jesus Christ. It should be a soul winning Church remembers the whole purpose of the Church is to win soul to Christ. The Pastor should be a good Bible teacher; somebody that knows the Bible interpretation very well.
STUDY WORD OF GOD DAILY: - To be successful in Christian living study the word of God is very essential 1 Pet. 2: 2 feeding on the word of God is essential to Christian growth John 15: 3, John 17: 17. D. L. Mood said when we pray we talk to God but when we read or study the word of God then God talk to us, no body can be a successful Christian without reading his Bible regularly.
COOUNICATE WITH GOD IN PRAYER: - The essential to successful Christian living is daily prayer, “The so called” “Lord’s Prayer” Implies daily communion with God, give us this day our daily bread Matthew 6: 11. If God intended that we pray only once a week, the passage would say it. Luke 18: 1. 1 Thess. 5: 17 says we are to pray without ceasing Psalm 5: 3 There many reason why believers should communicate with God daily, its God appointed Matthew 7: 7, James 4: 2. God want us to ask for big things Psalm 81: 10, prayer is also God’s way for the Believers to receive forgiveness and cleaning 1 John 1: 8 – 9, is the way to get wisdom James 1: 5.
COMMUNICATE DAILY THE GOSPEL TO OTHERS: - Witnessing is a great work to us as a good Christian John 15: 16, Pro. 11: 30 Gods programmed for world Evangelization is that every believer should win others Matt. 28: 18 – Soul winning is every believers business. In my discursion to the people, I try to get believers to commit themselves to speak to at least one person a day about Christ, it is not difficult every one has opportunity to speak daily to numbers of people lets make it our business. 11 Cor. 5: 20.
OVERCOME TEMPTATION AND SIN. Temptation is a common experience for every one 1 Cor. 10: 13 Temptation is not a sin but is a sin if one yields to it. If we succeed in Christian life we must learn to resist the devil and say “No” to temptation when Satan comes use the words of Jesus in Luke 4: 8. Get thee behind me Satan. Example a women every blessed day Satan tempt her buy clothes fine dress but one day her husband teach her on how to resist the devil he said if Satan is coming tell him that get thee behind me Satan and the devil leave her.
CONTRIBUTE REQULARLY TO THE CAUSE OF CHRIST: - I must say that giving money to their Lord is not a prerequisite to Salvation it is something that accompany Salvation 1 Cor. 16: 2. Every believer should have a regular habit of giving. Lev. 27: 30. Every believers should give out to their Lord according as God bless him or her do not imitate. Allow God to lead us as to what to do or right thing, set out to be all that God wants you to be.
Conclusion: - It is God’s desire that every believer should be a successful Christian.
Thanks and God bless you.

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