Thursday, June 3, 2010


Though the topic we are discussing is the expectation of our dearly Jesus Christ to prove our Christianity in the world today. It is not a surprise that many Christians today at home and in public there is no difference between their life style and worldly people, that is why we need to study this lesson carefully and for us to allow Holy Spirit to give us better understanding. I pray so shall it be in Jesus name. Christianity in Home Life: Nowhere is Christianity more beautiful and blessed than in the home. It changes the home of wickedness, strife, and contention into a peaceful and delightful Eden. The home of the poor it converts into a palace. It drives away discontentment, uneasiness, fear, and darkness, and showers contentment, peace, assurance, and sunlight into every heart and home it is permitted to enter. Recently we saw some people shouting in a public meeting, and speaking in their testimonies of the blessedness of salvation. They said, “It is a heaven to go to heaven in.” Yet in their homes we found them irritable, impatient, and contentious, which is very unlike heaven. But, thank God, Christianity brings a heaven to the home as well as in the public life. Christianity is Christ in the heart and where Christ is, there is heaven; consequently a Christian has a heaven within him, and he has this heaven at home as well as abroad. Praise God! Christianity in Public Life: There is one text which should rule the action of every man towards his fellow man. These are the words: “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.” (Luke 6:31) We desire to mention a few sinful things we find practiced among men which reveal the wicked and selfish condition of the heart. Christianity will not allow a man to return evil for evil. If a Christian is smitten upon the right cheek he will turn the other. If his neighbor claims a few feet of land over the right line he will let him take it. If his neighbor abuses him and mistreats him he does him good in return. If his neighbor mistreats or kills any of his farm stock he in return will gladly rescue this neighbor’s stock from injury. If this neighbor should set fire to his buildings he in return would put out a fire that was destroying his neighbor’s buildings. If his enemy hungers, he feeds him; if he thirsts, he gives him drink. This is the spirit of Christianity as manifested in the life of Jesus, and as it was in Him so it will be in all who possess it. It is sometimes known that neighbors are at enmity with one another. Perhaps one or both of them profess to be Christians, yet they will not speak to each other if they meet upon the street or in their house of worship. Do you think that looks like Christianity? What shall they do in heaven should they get there? No, this is not Christian conduct, and any man that holds enmity or ill feelings, and ill wishes toward another fellow man and thinks he is a Christian is deceived, and I shall be thankful if this little book by the help of God’s Spirit will help him out of his deception. Remember we are not writing for the purpose of condemning, but for the purpose of helping such ones to a real, living experience of salvation that will admit them into that glorious land of eternal rest when life’s toils are over. Jesus says we should love our enemies, and pray for those who persecute us and despitefully use us (Matt. 5:44). Children of God we shall continue from here next time by the grace of God, if Christ tarries, am happy to hear from you a great testimony, any time from now in Jesus name. See you next time.


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Thank you sir for your love and desire to serve God by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We appreciate you for taking the time to write and having a website so that the world can benefit from the messages that God gives you to share with the world.

The Hair Gospel said...

Thank you sir for your desire and dedication to spread the Gospel. Please continue to write, we need more saints to blog on the internet for Christ.